“Hello, The delivery team was excellent! Keep up the good work!”
Jaclyn C.Order #XXXXXX3772
We just received a new couch. The delivery team was prompt, professional, and quick. They were friendly, answered all my questions, and were able to help move my couch to exactly where I wanted it. I cannot say enough good things about this delivery crew and I hope they can get a bit of recognition for their wonderful service! Happy Holidays!
Grace H.Order #XXXXXX6675
Just wanted you to know how pleased we were with the white glove delivery and set-up service provided by Willie and his partner for our new 3-piece living room furniture set (Tracking # 41527586). They were both very courteous and professional and cleaned up after themselves. He even showed me how to take the backs of the furniture off in the future should we need to move them from one room into another. Willie answered all of my questions and was a joy to talk to. Thank you for providing such exceptional service and special thanks to Willie and his partner. Happy Holidays!
Kelly S.Order #XXXXXX9965
A quick little note to let you know that Wilbard & Robert were great!
We found them both extremely polite, courteous, helpful and very professional in their sofa carriage into the house, sofa set-up and removal of waste wrapping plastic etc. Send them again for the next piece of furniture !! 🙂
Matt Y.Order #XXXXXX4133
“Fragilepak did a great job delivering my TV. They were on time and placed the TV where I needed it. Thank you again.”
Rodney F.Order #XXXXXX0284
“Your guys that delivered were excellent. Thank you for doing a good job.”
Tony W.Order #XXXXXX5141
“I received my delivery intact with no damage and the two workers were very considerate, professional, and friendly. Thank you”
Rita M.Order #XXXXXX0722
“Delivery staff were exceptionally professional, kind, and nice. Many thanks!”
Ayman A.Order #XXXXXX0684
“One of the best customer service experience ever! Order was delivered on time in spite of the weather! Had never heard of this company before purchasing from this company but they are fortunate to have you as a delivery service! Great job!”
Delphia R.Order #XXXXXX2562
Thank you so much for an awesome delivery. I am sorry I was not here, my son was and I would like to send a tip for our delivery person. Do you know of a good way to do that?”
Christine T.Order #XXXXXX6184
“Amazing delivery experience. Danny and Steve were prompt, professional and friendly. They went above and beyond to ensure our packages were delivered safely. Thank you!”
Patty Z.Order #XXXXXX4693
“You guys were awesome!! Thanks for all of your hard work and pleasant dispositions. You are the best!”
Amy E.Order #XXXXXX8697
“I received my furniture piece in great condition. The drivers were courteous, very careful and put everything together, placed the piece in its spot and cleaned up. Just as promised. I greatly appreciate the excellent service you provided me.
Thank you very much.”
Miriam G.Order #XXXXXX4094
“I appreciate a damage free delivery. The gentlemen was super friendly and professional. Merry Christmas and happy new year.”
Yolande W.Order #XXXXXX1930
“I would like to give feedback for my refrigerator delivery last week in Mission Viejo.
Celso and Jacinto did a great job. They were very professional and helpful. They unpackaged and leveled my refrigerator, and they were very nice. I am extremely satisfied with my service. Thank you.”
Sarah O.Order #XXXXXX2010
“Your delivery team was awesome. Thank you”
Donna Y.Order #XXXXXX5617
Delivery supervisor was genuinely friendly and proactively helpful. He is an outstanding “face of the company”. Excellent customer-facing service makes all of the difference. He explained the process if I discovered damage once the carton was opened. (That should be standard for every delivery. Costs nothing and it increases confidence in the delivery process. Please confirm receipt of this message and that you have advised those involved that I have sent this compliment.
Timothy C.Order #XXXXXX8257
To whom it may concern: My delivery today went very smoothly and the delivery men were very professional and courteous.
Denise F.Order #XXXXXX0109
“What a fantastic duo you have in Oscar and Walter! They work so well together — it was a seamless operation. Polite and consummate professionals. True Ambassadors for your company. They accomplished a difficult task in a very short period of time and explained everything in layman’s terms that we had to know about our freezers. They removed every scrap of packing material both inside and outside the house. All this while being masked and socially distanced the entire time they were here. You have two Five [actually SIX !] Star employees. Worthy of promotion and increased responsibility. Our sincerest gratitude for a job well done.”
Lorraine H.Order #XXXXXX3765
“The delivery went off so well! The drivers kept in constant communication with us, and they are so devoted to what they do—determined to get people’s furniture to them by Christmas. )They need to be rewarded, besides just a tip). And so very nice!
Thank you for your excellent service!”
Polly R.Order #XXXXXX3157
“Great delivery. Team was friendly and efficient. Very happy.”
Michael R.Order #XXXXXX8007
“I had a delivery from FragilePak and the team was fantastic! Fast! Took care of the packaging. Very careful with my walls and they were in and out in 10 mins after knocking on the door. 🙂 Thanks so much”
Katharine L.Order #XXXXXX9901
“Thank you so much for a wonderful experience.
Our order arrived damage free.
The two gentleman that brought in our refrigerator and installed it were wonderful.
We were the last delivery at 7:30pm and then they had to drive back to LA. They were so nice and happy and efficient. They are stellar employees.
Thanks for a smooth delivery.”
Janet T.Order #XXXXXX7244
“Good afternoon, I just wanted to thank you for the amazing delivery service.
The delivery team kept us up on delivery times and gave us a very accurate window. They arrived promptly, asked if we needed extra assistance. Great customer service and care. Thank you again”
Kirsten G.Order #XXXXXX1690
“Good afternoon, The two gentlemen who just delivered my couches did a great job.
They were quick and efficient. Their work is greatly appreciated. Thank you.”
Julio A.Order #XXXXXX6572
“How was our delivery? – A most excellent product delivery and setup by drivers Joe Gooding and Ulisis Tejada! The drop-off was on-time and well coordinated, with a 45-minute phone given before arrival at our home. The deliverers were very efficient and meticulous during setup and cleanup. The whole process exceeded our expectations and we were very pleased with all aspects.”
Thomas H.Order #XXXXXX5909
“Yes, I would like to thank all parties involved in this process of turning the situation around and following through. This driver team was as well a great set of gentlemen.”
Roosevelt C.Order #XXXXXX5292
“Just received my item. Was smooth. Antonio was a pleasure. Friendly and professional. 10/10. Thank you and stay safe. One love. Happy holidays.”
Derek M.Order #XXXXXX6342
“I’m writing to pass along a compliment for the performance of Mr. Wilbed Lopez and his partner today. They called ahead as promised, showed up on time and placed the freeze as I requested. I found Mr. Lopez to be a good communicator and he also gave me instructions on the operations of the freezer. This is more than I received when we actually bought the freezer! Thank you to Mr. Lopez and his associate for great service today!”
Ellen I.Order #XXXXXX5330
“Delivery personnel were excellent and courteous! Thanks for the awesome service”
Mike S.Order #XXXXXX8913
“Package received. Compliments to the delivery team. Communications we’re as advertised – timely, informative and clear. Thank you for a job well done!”
Robert L.Order #XXXXXX5573
“Great delivery process! The guys from Island Deliveries advised time and showed up on time. Good, professional job. Really a quick delivery.  Also, the tracking and appointment scheduling process was expedient. Lots of communication through email/text/calls, almost to a point of too much – but that’s better than not enough.”
Steve B.Order #XXXXXX4580
“Thank you for getting my television delivered safe and sound !!! It’s absolutely perfect !!!!”
Michelle K.Order #XXXXXX9979
“Delivery service was efficient, courteous and most of all on time. They worked like a well oiled machine”
Victoria B.Order #XXXXXX0560
“The delivery men showed up early and did a fine job.”
Linda R.Order #XXXXXX2605
“Hello, I just want to say that the delivery men were communicative on arrival, courteous and great to handle the delivery of the fridge and taking the old one.”
Alfonso M.Order #XXXXXX7897
“Greetings, Just want to let you know that the young men that came to deliver the refrigerator are an excellent representative of your company. They provided an outstanding service, knowledgeable, patient and very professional. Fast and efficient movers, they installed and removed the old refrigerator so quickly, these guys were terrific! My wife and I are very pleased with our experience with FragilePAK, thank you.”
Gus B.Order #XXXXXX3061
“The two Gentlemen that came to deliver were just the best. Much appreciated….”
Michael P.Order #XXXXXX8263
“Thanks for the great customer service and professionalism I received from the drivers on Dec 1, 2021. Please pass kudos to these gentlemen for a job well done.”
Dan M.Order #XXXXXX4313
“Sir/Ma’am, I would like to let you know that my freezer was delivered without any damage. I was very satisfied with both Celso and Jacinto, they were so professional. Have a wonderful new year! Thanks”
Conrad V.Order #XXXXXX4398
“Good morning. We received our refrigerator… Nelson and Antonio were extremely friendly, fast, careful, and efficient. They were in and out in under five minutes. Thank you for everything.”
Chad D.Order #XXXXXX7843
“I am pleased to inform you that your Delivery Representative did an amazing job today. OSCAR was very professional and put everything together so quickly. He definitely knew what he was doing. Please congratulate him for such an amazing job and to keep up the good work. My rating is 10/10, Excellent!”
Anthony R.Order #XXXXXX2302
“Just wanted to thank you for the delivery of my freezer.
Oscar did an outstanding job setting up my freezer.
He was very professional, friendly and helpful.
I wish all my delivery experiences were that awesome. Thanks again!”
Sandra R.Order #XXXXXX5021
“The delivery person was neat, cheerful, polite, cautious of property, knew what was needed, asked preferences ,and wanted to make sure everything was just as I wanted before leaving. Very nice experience.”
John G.Order #XXXXXX2234
“I appreciate the great service.
Tracking was easy, once arrived; both the driver and helped were fantastic with me. Two good workers that cared, showed me respect, and made The Who purchase worthwhile. I thank your team, and you should know; it’s nice in these “Let’s go Brandon” days, to see there is hope.”
Robert D.Order #XXXXXX4020
“The delivery was great and the pieces were in good shape.”
Deborah B.Order #XXXXXX4116
“Excellent delivery experience. Guys were great.”
John C.Order #XXXXXX0225
“The delivery was fine. The men were courteous and careful.”
Margaret N.Order #XXXXXX6843
“Thank you very much fragile pak. The delivery went smoothly and we appreciated the chair being put together. The crew was efficient and communicative. Thank you”
Diane R.Order #XXXXXX5327
“Thank you for the delivery! Your delivery men were very kind, helpful and friendly. They took great care of our items and were so helpful!”
Susan S.Order #XXXXXX0473
“Communication was excellent, notified of delivery time, prompt and efficient delivery.”
Richard R.Order #XXXXXX4552
“Great service no damage at all Iam glad that the kayak company are using Fragilepak 5 stars second to none”
Robbie J.Order #XXXXXX3212
“This package (a 75-inch TV) from an AAFES order was delivered Jan 10. (Dallas TX area) Very nicely done. They hit the delivery window on the early side (so, not like the cable guy every does). The two young gentlemen were super-fast, with no sloppiness in handling the TV, no hassles, very friendly, and from ring-the-doorbell to back-in-the-truck (Threshold delivery) may have been 4 minutes. Also, true to your name, the TV was in perfect condition. Nicely done, guys.”
Paul F.Order #XXXXXX6094
“The delivery guys were wonderful! They were early, which was great, they called when they were on their way. They quickly unloaded, unpacked, set up my sideboard, cleaned up, took the trash and were on their way. Could not have been any better!!
(And my new sideboard is gorgeous!) Great job! Thanks!!”
Julie L.Order #XXXXXX4064
“The delivery guys were friendly and polite. Called me 30 min ahead of time to let me know they are coming. No complaints with the delivery. :)”
Margarita K.Order #XXXXXX5656
“The delivery team was GREAT! They made it look easy without damaging any walls or anything, but I know from the previous delivery IT WAS NOT! MUCH APPRECIATED!!”
Mosi P.Order #XXXXXX2054
“Thank you I love my chairs your delivery guy was awesome very helpful and totally polite he was great !!!! There were no problems with my delivery”
Bobbie W.Order #XXXXXX7293
“The two people that delivered my new grill were amazing. Wry nice young guys who were very professional, friendly and made sure I was happy with the delivery before leaving. Please thank them both for me and tell them great job!”
Michael K.Order #XXXXXX7850
“You have excellent employees. The two men were very polite and made sure everything was right before they left. It’s good to see nowadays that there are still people who do their jobs properly and represent your company. Thank You for sending these two wonderful people.”
Debbie B.Order #XXXXXX5089
“My husband and I were very pleased with your service. The two young men that delivered the sofa and loveseat were very pleasant and professional.”
Katherine C.Order #XXXXXX1990
“My cabinet was delivered in great shape and the two delivery men did a wonderful job, very polite and professional. Nice to see it doesn’t happen often. Thank you for the nice delivery.”
Jim C.Order #XXXXXX5345
“Our delivery guys were FABULOUS! They wore masks, and they were extremely careful carrying our mattress, box springs, and bed frame to our basement. They set up our bed where we asked them to put it, and they were courteous and professional. 😀”
Jeana R.Order #XXXXXX0233
“Your delivery guys were friendly and professional. Thanks!”
Bridgett L.Order #XXXXXX2468
“the crew did a very good job with unpacking and setting up the console. they unpacked outside and wore booties inside, so there was absolutely no mess. nice work.”
David R.Order #XXXXXX7127
“Package was delivered undamaged by two very friendly young men. Thanks”
Lance H.Order #XXXXXX3313
“Today’s delivery was seamless. It could not have been smoother. The gentlemen who delivered our couch were friendly and inventive when we realized the initial way we were going to get the couch up wasn’t going to work. I really appreciated everything about the delivery. Please give them my thanks.”
Teri T.Order #XXXXXX5325
“Delivery was received on schedule. The crew was friendly and professional. The package was in mint condition. 5 star service”
Richard T.Order #XXXXXX6435
“My order arrived safe and unscathed, no scratches, etc. Thank you!”
Randal C.Order #XXXXXX9629
“Received my delivery today. I appreciated the call before drop off and item was delivered on time. Personnel were professional, courteous, and respectful of property. Thank you for your wonderful service!”
Sherry H.Order #XXXXXX4812
“Hello, thank you for the perfect service we received today from your delivery people. They were courteous, efficient and paid attention to every detail of our delivery. They made two large sofas, one a sleeper, look so easy and seamless.
Thank you for the wonderful experience. And please give our thanks to them also. ”
Susan E.Order #XXXXXX5387
“The delivery guys were great! ”
Julie D.Order #XXXXXX2932
“everything went well thank you very much”
Roy H.Order #XXXXXX0897
“Our delivery guys were very kind and courteous!! It was a good experience!”
Linda P.Order #XXXXXX3084
“Your team was A+! Very friendly and nice. Did a quick great job. No damage etc. Let them know we appreciate them!”
Dane H.Order #XXXXXX2015
“Hello all,
Great job guys!
Extra packing on top of my package.
The dresser was inside a box inside this packing
Delivered with care.
The dresser was perfect.”
Dennis P.Order #XXXXXX2324
“I received my product & very pleased with it. I was pleased with delivery service also.”
Victoria C.Order #XXXXXX8082
“Delivery went off without a problem and your delivery guys were great putting it exactly where I needed it placed.”
Dannie W.Order #XXXXXX6687
“The delivery men were exceptional. Came on time and put my bed together in a matter of minutes. Would use them again. Thank you”
Sandra R.Order #XXXXXX8108
“I would like to give the two employees a huge thank you for their outstanding attitude and courtesy during the delivery of our new TV. The TV was a surprise gift for my wife and they made it extra special by their great attitude! Thank you”
Mike S.Order #XXXXXX3399
“Driver called and was at the house in less than a half hour . Damage free , courteous driver and assistant , nice job ! Thank You !”
Bill M.Order #XXXXXX6525
“Good morning! Sorry it took some time to send a feedback for order XXXXXX1986.
The delivery went well as per the instructions. The communication and timely schedule was spot on. It was a smooth process and delivery. Thank you!”
Edgargo R.Order #XXXXXX1986
“The service was excellent. The sofa was heavy and the delivery men took care to carefully get it in the the room.”
Beverly H.Order #XXXXXX5619
“The delivery men were very curteous and eager to help. There were no problems at all.”
Anjelica J.Order #XXXXXX2923
“Hey fragilepak, your delivery guys did a great job. Fast, courteous, and helpful. Thanks a lot. – John”
John R.Order #XXXXXX4853
“Your drivers and delivery was so professional! Thank you”
Wes G.Order #XXXXXX4969
“This was a gift to our daughter From what I learned—
Thanks for the safe and successful delivery of XXXXXX2522. I appreciate your efficient and polite delivery team.”
Debra C.Order #XXXXXX2522
“Wanted to pass along a word of praise for the gentlemen that delivered this order. They were utterly professional, efficient, polite and exceptionally organized. Thank you for such great service.”
Sushil B.Order #XXXXXX8092
“Hello and thank you for providing such excellent delivery and service! The guys that delivered our new bed, were kind, courteous, on time, cleaned everything up, assembled the bed with precision and I would hire them again!”
Linda P.Order #XXXXXX2219
“Great experience with my shipment! Thank you!”
Rhonda S.Order #XXXXXX5336
“the team on site was professional efficient and awesome greatly appreciated getting in and getting the job done!”
Brian C.Order #XXXXXX1019
“Our delivery was excellent. The young man was friendly and kind. It was such a professional delivery. He did a superb job.”
Geeta M.Order #XXXXXX2593
“Jose and the other gentleman came out were exceptionally professional very accommodating. Did a great job delivering.”
Arthur C.Order #XXXXXX1976
“The men who delivered were courteous and helpful. We were pleased that our delivery was first up man called at 8 AM and was there less than 30 mins. They checked in at our connex to do the Covid check and then to the house where I live in a military retirement complex. Pleased on all levels.”
Barbara S.Order #XXXXXX6158
“very helpfull, very nice, could not ask for a better delivery, tell them thank you very much”
Donny T.Order #XXXXXX1158
“Thank you so much for the white glove delivery. It was so helpful to have professionals deliver and assemble. They were very courteous and respectful”
Mary A.Order #XXXXXX3259
“The delivery was great and the two gentlemen who delivered the mattress were very helpful and competent. Great service. Thanks.”
Gail R.Order #XXXXXX7219
“Guys who delivered my sofa were great! Asked them to remove their shoes and they were so willing. You run a good shop and I would use you again.”
Jose D.Order #XXXXXX6742
“Your drivers are very friendly and easy to work with. Also timely after calling.”
Larry P.Order #XXXXXX6945
“Thank You to the drivers, they are definitely a important asset to the company”
Robert G.Order #XXXXXX0090
“Excellent ! The drivers we so kind and helpful! Kept me up to date on time of arrival! Highly Rex one to them ty”
Stacey E.Order #XXXXXX9362
“my order was delivered and i am happy to say the two young men that made the delivery were very cordial and friendly to me and each other. in taking to them i found out they are both veterans, as am i and it was nice to see them working well together. thank you for your continued updates of my delivery in these trying times.”
Brooks D.Order #XXXXXX5557
“During snow emergency and snow covered roads. Delivery received within scheduled block of time. Delivery crew was professional and placed packages in dry and safe location.”
Lamarr J.Order #XXXXXX086X
“Your company did an excellent job delivering my clock to my house. Everything was in very good condition and well packed. Thank you for everything that you did”
Ransy C.Order #XXXXXX3178
“We would just like to thank the delivery team that did an amazing job from their communication prior to delivery through departing our home. We are very happy with their performance. Thank you”
Robert C.Order #XXXXXX5524
“My delivery came as promised, with no delay. The delivery men were very polite, respectful and placed items where needed, they also may sure they followed covid-19 proticoles. thank them for their service.”
Johanna N.Order #XXXXXX8695
“Our delivery was perfect. The team arrived a little early ,quickly unloaded our order and were gone. Could not have been better. Regards”
Richard K.Order #XXXXXX6177
“The delivery was seamless. The guys were on time, polite & delivered everything perfectly. This is the first time that I had such a positive experience with a delivery service. I especially appreciated the alerts as to deliver times and the fact that it was adhered to.”
Suzenna K.Order #XXXXXX5333
“Both delivery men were friendly, helpful and professional, my husband enjoyed chatting with them too, thanks for having them working for you!”
Lauren M.Order #XXXXXX481X
“A very good chair and comfortable. The delivery men were very courteous and very professional in their work and our expectations.”
John M.Order #XXXXXX5305
“Service by the “Leo Team” was very professional and courteous. They did not rush to deliver this massive (550 lbs.) Wine Cabinet. They took a moment to figure out the best way to get it in the house without damaging the furniture or door. They cleaned up all of the packing from outside and inside the house. They took their time in bringing it in and we were thoroughly satisfied with the service.”
Mario S.Order #XXXXXX2603
“I just wanted to let you know that the delivery of our queen size bed and bench from High Fashion Home Furniture was great. Our two delivery men were excellent and courteous and did a really amazing job bringing the furniture into our bedroom and putting the bed together. Thank you very much for the excellent service and communication about our delivery. Best Regards”
Linda P.Order #XXXXXX0744
“Thank you for wonderful and prompt service! I appreciate you so much. The delivery guys are so awesome, I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with them multiple times.”
Courtney C.Order #XXXXXX1766
“Not sure who the guys were who delivered my media console today but they were wonderful! Super friendly, professional and very respectful of my home and space. They cleaned everything up, no damage to my piece or my home. Please tell them thank you for me! They were great!”
Leigh M.Order #XXXXXX5862
“Courteous and professional delivery! Thank you to the two gentlemen who delivered our heavy bed to second floor apartment.”
T’Era M.Order #XXXXXX8563
“Thank you! The whole process has been very smooth, great communication, and delivery guys were prompt, courteous and did a great job. We appreciate it!”
Christie C.Order #XXXXXX2845
“Our delivery was perfect. The team arrived a little early ,quickly unloaded our order and were gone. Could not have been better. Regards”
Richard K.Order #XXXXXX6177
“Thank you – excellent delivery service.”
Jim D.Order #XXXXXX8606
“Completely satisfied with the delivery”
Anthony M.Order #XXXXXX3727
“The crew was excellent. Very careful and considerate.
David S.Order #XXXXXX2780
“The delivery was great. The staff did an excellent job!
Nancy V.Order #XXXXXX7096
“GMorning. From online ordering to delivery just now, communications was excellent!
We will now order a freestanding freezer as a result of yalls excellent process & service! Refreshing experience! Jim here”
Jim B.Order #XXXXXX4866
“Item came in perfect condition! Driver had good communication and received the item on time.”
Gina G.Order #XXXXXX7434
“Hello! I wanted to let you know, the two gentlemen who delivered my furniture were AWESOME. Very courteous, quick, and careful. Couldn’t have asked for better.”
Bridget P.Order #XXXXXX7599
“Super nice men. Couldn’t have asked for any better service! Item was delivered without any damages to packaging!”
Denise M.Order #XXXXXX6746
“Delivery team was great. No issues at all.”
Sharon M.Order #XXXXXX5723
“Delivery on time, everything went great. Thank you”
Don T.Order #XXXXXX3976
“The two men who delivered it were great and very nice”
Todd B.Order #XXXXXX3580
“My delivery was excellent. The two gentlemen were great, friendly and very nice. Unloaded, inspected and signed for in 10 minutes…outstanding. Thank you for the superb customer service.”
Charles J.Order #XXXXXX3476
“Very nice and professional no damage thank you very much will recommend you to all”
Eddie P.Order #XXXXXX6341
“Perfect delivery! Very professional service 😊”
Sue F.Order #XXXXXX8327
“Very professional and courteous delivery service. Everything was handled with care! The two gentlemen was efficient and extremely courteous. Thank you for a great experience! I love my merchandise and the quality is superb!”
Michele M.Order #XXXXXX9587
“Delivery process was simple and fast. Drivers were very helpful and efficient.”
Michael P.Order #XXXXXX2360
“Thank you so much for a speedy and damage free delivery.”
Elaine B.Order #XXXXXX3904
“I was very happy with the delivery and the team who delivered the items.”
Negin T.Order #XXXXXX8174
“The young gentlemen who delivered our wine refrig did an excellent job.”
Debbie M.Order #XXXXXX3349
“Fantastic experience with your team. They were very professional and efficient. Thanks!”
Gary E.Order #XXXXXX536X
“Great delivery! Those 2 drivers were just the best, very careful and very caring.”
Janis A.Order #XXXXXX8068
“Perfect delivery, was very flexible on delivery date as I was out of state on training. Thank you very much.”
James D.Order #XXXXXX9038
“The sofa has been delivered in great condition. Thank you again for making this happen today.”
Heather F.Order #XXXXXX4862
“I wanted to say a big thank you for your delivery to me on a water locked island. Your delivery company has been nothing short of professional. I was truly blown away. Timing for delivery was between 9-5 and at 8:45 I received a call delivery would be in 15 minutes and sure enough the truck arrived and the drivers were so happy and kind and professional. They even unwrapped my piece of furniture for me and took the packaging away which is truly appreciated since I live on an island and have to make arrangements to have big pieces of cardboard removed. Thank you thank you !! I ordered from Arhaus and will plan to order from them again knowing they use you are a shipping carrier. Very happy customer am I !!”
Monica B.Order #XXXXXX2391
“Wonderful delivery experience. Delivery men were exceptionally professional and set up our products perfectly. Thank you for this delivery service.😊”
Judy B.Order #XXXXXX4076
“Excellent service!! Kept informed as to delivery date and time. Great communications and offer for assistance readily available. Delivery was on time and delivery men were both friendly and helpful! Totally satisfied with entire process from start to finish. 👍👍”
Beth S.Order #XXXXXX5336
“The delivery men were terrific. Thank you!”
Deb E.Order #XXXXXX7112
“Thanks for the delivery. Your delivery crew was very professional and courteous.”
Tracey W.Order #XXXXXX9630
“Our delivery was made to day and the gentleman unloading was efficient, polite and personable. His delivery of two very heavy and very long boxes was seamless! I’m sorry I didn’t get his name, but you are lucky to have him representing your business.”
Sandy K.Order #XXXXXX5009
“Everything was delivered without damage. Both driver and helper were very friendly.”
Alan U.Order #XXXXXX2873
“Driver was very cordial and had no issues with me opening the chairs to ensure there was no issues. Juan Lopez did a great job. Thank you.”
John W.Order #XXXXXX3098
“The 2 delivery men were very nice . The driver kept me posted . They did a great job. Please give them kudos and recognition for a delivery we’ll done !”
Barbara S.Order #XXXXXX3585
“The two delivery guys were great! On time, professional, and helpful.”
Doug M.Order #XXXXXX9300
“My order was received in perfect condition (no apparent damage) they placed the boxes in a trailer I had in the driveway. Excellent service. Thank you.”
Brian R.Order #XXXXXX8472
“Both delivery drivers were very respectful, courteous and careful with delivering my furniture items.”
Claire M.Order #XXXXXX8430
“I have to say my experience with your company has been excellent. From updating me to the delivery people all top notch. Thank you very much”
Robert K.Order #XXXXXX5014
“My order was delivered by 2 very hardworking, efficient, respectful gentlemen.Thank you very much!”
Michele S.Order #XXXXXX3828
“Clark’s White Glove Delivery did a great job arriving as they had notified me. The guys were very polite and especially helpful. No damage to the package or item inside. The young man brought the package to the area where I could easily take inside.”
Joy W.Order #XXXXXX9728
“Perfect delivery. Very pleased!”
Barbara B.Order #XXXXXX9309
“I would like to send a special thanks to the three delivery guys who delivered my GE Refrigerator today. They were, skilled, very professional and very friendly. They were efficient and quick. Great customer service.
Please let them know the great work that they do. ”
Joseph S.Order #XXXXXX3785
“delivery was on time and every thing was in great shape the driver was friendly and helpful. 5 stars”
Chris G.Order #XXXXXX2127
“Great delivery driver. On time, friendly and helpful.”
Michael O.Order #XXXXXX6616
“The gentleman who delivered the table were very kind and professional.”
Denise L.Order #XXXXXX4209
“Great job, delivered in perfect condition , on time, just like we were told”
Mike S.Order #XXXXXX2815
“Thank you for your fast and excellent delivery and fast service. The delivery man was very pleasant and helpful!”
Gary G.Order #XXXXXX0774
“The drivers were very efficient, quick and set up my couch in record time. They took away all the cardboard and wrapping material as well! They were amazing!”
Deb C.Order #XXXXXX5973
“Thank you. Your driver was very professional and sent me pictures of the assembled furniture as I was unable to be present. Great Job!”
Jeff R.Order #XXXXXX7927
“Thank you for great service, but mainly was appreciative of the amount of communication you had with me on the date and time of delivery. Thank you!”
Karen K.Order #XXXXXX5537
“Your communication about delivery was very helpful and timely. Your delivery guys were very professional and yet friendly.”
Vivian W.Order #XXXXXX3719
“I just wanted to say we had an exceptionally wonderful delivery. The deliverymen were kind enough to walk the swingset down our very long driveway, and did it quickly and efficiently! We were thrilled. Thank you!!”
Caroline D.Order #XXXXXX8460
“Your staff was very professional. They contacted me and were onsite on time. They were courteous, polite and handled my item with care. They were receptive of my questions made the delivery and left with no problems. Thank you very much.”
Theodore U.Order #XXXXXX9971
“Thank you for my delivery. Your delivery men were very professional.”
Brenda T.Order #XXXXXX0849
“The delivery team was amazing, went above and beyond!!”
Glenn N.Order #XXXXXX3156
“Great job guys!
Thank you!!”
Thomas D.Order #XXXXXX2898
“Delivery people did a great job. Efficient, pleasant. Everything arrived in perfect condition.”
Evelyn T.Order #XXXXXX8905
“Definity a lot of communication with regards to your delivery. Expectations, notifications, professional and delivered as described. Thank you again and a 10 rating on everything.”
Lori B.Order #XXXXXX0223
“The driver did an outstanding job communicating and assisting me in this delivery. Thanks”
Geneva L.Order #XXXXXX1558
“Exception work..Fast, courteous, professionalism.”
Earl H.Order #XXXXXX4330
“Order was delivered fast and within delivery window .The men that delivered item did a fantastic job”
Andrew S.Order #XXXXXX1934
“Thank you! Your guys were in time, polite and efficient.”
Jackie M.Order #XXXXXX5885
“My order came as texted to me. The 2 men were every good and knew how to carry the merchandise. They carry the boxes up one flight of stairs as per instructions with no problem. I would recommend your company.
Thank you”
Lorraine B.Order #XXXXXX2675
“Fantastic service. The gentlemen delivering our loveseat were very courteous and attentive. Best furniture delivery we ever had. Great doing business with you.”
Victor D.Order #XXXXXX9431
“Excellent delivery team. Thanks.”
Nand V.Order #XXXXXX8335
“The team was very good with communicating and very respectful at my home. I will definitely recommend your services.”
Mairyn C.Order #XXXXXX1813
“AWESOME thank you 😊”
James M.Order #XXXXXX6127
“I can’t say enough about the two guys that brought our order. They went far and beyond the description in our paperwork. They ended up having to bring it through the back door which meant stairs up the deck. Never a grumble of the extra work. Delightful guys!! You did good hiring these two employees.”
Patti D.Order #XXXXXX4641
“I was extremely pleased both with fragilepak and the gentlemen that delivered my order. I received frequent updates regarding the delivery of the rug, detailed instructions, and the ability to choose the delivery date. The gentlemen who delivered the rug stayed in constant contact, and were precisely on time. They unwrapped and placed the rug as I requested, took away all trash. They were neat in appearance, very polite and conscientious. 
A ten-star rating all around. Too bad there aren’t more businesses that provide such outstanding customer service.”
Susan H.Order #XXXXXX2295
“I just wanted to compliment you on your service. I really appreciated the email and text updates about my delivery, and the guys who delivered my furniture yesterday were courteous and professional. Great service!”
David H.Order #XXXXXX8217
“I want to acknowledge Mr. Joel Ritch – founder and CEO of FragilePAK for personally getting involved and managing an issue with one piece of a three piece living room suite (not FragilePAK’s fault). Joel directed his team (to include Kaitlyn D.) to contact The Exchange (AAFES) to re-order the love seat. Today, the love seat was delivered damage-free and in “record time”…! I am gratified for Joel’s “hand-on approach” and of his team at FragilePAK. Thank you Joel, Kaitlyn and the rest of the FragilePAK family!”
Lt. Col. Mike V.Order #XXXXXX5648
“Thank you…the delivery guys were awesome!”
Patricia N.Order #XXXXXX7241
“The fellows did an excellent job delivering my order which was 4 boxes weighing about 175 each.”
Bill B.Order #XXXXXX6415
“Our order was received promptly and in great condition. Thank you!”
Laurence C.Order #XXXXXX9159
“Thank you for coordinating and delivering my package. Definitely 5 star communication. Grateful Customer”
Laurelei F.Order #XXXXXX4098
“Just wanted to send my very positive feedback on my couch delivery! I’m so appreciative of the clear communication received at every step, and for the professionalism and timeliness of the actual delivery. It was the most seamless furniture delivery experience I’ve ever had! Your delivery guys are AMAZING and I had my couch delivered inside my upstairs apartment in less than five minutes after their arrival – no scratches, damage, etc.
Thank you for being a standout company in times of such incredible frustration and delays. It is so refreshing to receive such stellar service. Residential Direct is very much appreciated!! 10/10 stars!
With gratitude”
Alison W.Order #XXXXXX9763
“Delivery was timely and prompt. The delivery men were courteous and of great assistance. I wished to reward their generosity but was not able to. Is their someway I could use your assistance in that effort?
Richard J.Order #XXXXXX8726
“Crew was very courteous and on time. Unpacked freezer and cleared away packaging.
Overall, a job well done!
Sharon C.Order #XXXXXX6263
“Gentlemen were very nice. They arrived right on time that was
specified. I have not opened the packaging yet..
Patricia H.Order #XXXXXX3934
“Thank you so much for your service. Your guys were amazing, professional and very respectful to our lawfirm. They came in, did the work and left the office looking amazing.
Jessica J.Order #XXXXXX3726
“I would like to share my feedback on order 263U514328. The order was delivered yesterday, April 13th.
Wilbed and Abel delivered our order. They were very courteous, delivered our furniture with care and just showed great customer service overall. This is the second time we have a delivery with your company and both times the delivery crew were excellent. I forgot to ask for the name of my previous delivery on 03/25 (order XXXXX0893).
Thank you very much”
Maria S.Order #XXXXXX4328
“This is not a question, but I wanted to pass along my compliments for an easy delivery experience. Scheduling delivery was easy. I received a call last night with my delivery window and then I received a call this morning saying they would be at my house in 2.5 hours. They arrived exactly on time. The gentleman who brought the item in my house was courtesy and professional. Thank you for an excellent delivery experience.
Casey G.Order #XXXXXX3827
“Compliments to the delivery team. Also, all communication
Kathleen M.Order #XXXXXX9607
“Once the order got to the final delivery point, I was contacted with the date and time range for the delivery to my home. The week of the delivery, I was provided with additional information with confirmation of the delivery date and time range. The day of delivery I was notified of the approximate delivery time and the truck arrived in the time frame given. The crew was courteous and efficient. It only took about ten minutes from truck arrival to furniture in my garage. Thank you.”
Joe M.Order #XXXXXX2372
“Our delivery arrived damage free. Staff were courteous and professional.”
Richard S.Order #XXXXXX1259
Our daughter and son-in-law love the sofa and loveseat 😍
The delivery experience was wonderful 😍. Very nice delivery friends😍
Judy P.Order #XXXXXX0023
“We were so impressed with the Fragile Pack services….keep up the good work. The communication and scheduling via email and phone were great and the delivery men were fast efficient and very nice…A+ for both of them! Only thing would have made it better is if they could stay to put the 150 pieces together….just kidding. We’ve only emptied the boxes ands found the directions…but it’s a start on our weekend Project X. Appreciate!!!!”
Teri L.Order #XXXXXX4015
“Great service !! The gentlemen who delivered our 2 sofas we’re very polite and very speedy. Would you your service anytime.
Thank you.”
Margaret R.Order #XXXXXX6065