Delivery supervisor was genuinely friendly and proactively helpful. He is an outstanding “face of the company”. Excellent customer-facing service makes all of the difference. He explained the process if I discovered damage once the carton was opened. (That should be standard for every delivery. Costs nothing and it increases confidence in the delivery process. Please confirm receipt of this message and that you have advised those involved that I have sent this compliment.
Timothy C.Order #XXXXXX8257
To whom it may concern: My delivery today went very smoothly and the delivery men were very professional and courteous.
Denise F.Order #XXXXXX0109
“What a fantastic duo you have in Oscar and Walter! They work so well together — it was a seamless operation. Polite and consummate professionals. True Ambassadors for your company. They accomplished a difficult task in a very short period of time and explained everything in layman’s terms that we had to know about our freezers. They removed every scrap of packing material both inside and outside the house. All this while being masked and socially distanced the entire time they were here. You have two Five [actually SIX !] Star employees. Worthy of promotion and increased responsibility. Our sincerest gratitude for a job well done.”
Lorraine H.Order #XXXXXX3765
“The delivery went off so well! The drivers kept in constant communication with us, and they are so devoted to what they do—determined to get people’s furniture to them by Christmas. )They need to be rewarded, besides just a tip). And so very nice!
Thank you for your excellent service!”
Polly R.Order #XXXXXX3157
“Great delivery. Team was friendly and efficient. Very happy.”
Michael R.Order #XXXXXX8007
“I had a delivery from FragilePak and the team was fantastic! Fast! Took care of the packaging. Very careful with my walls and they were in and out in 10 mins after knocking on the door. 🙂 Thanks so much”
Katharine L.Order #XXXXXX9901
“Thank you so much for a wonderful experience.
Our order arrived damage free.
The two gentleman that brought in our refrigerator and installed it were wonderful.
We were the last delivery at 7:30pm and then they had to drive back to LA. They were so nice and happy and efficient. They are stellar employees.
Thanks for a smooth delivery.”
Janet T.Order #XXXXXX7244
“Good afternoon, I just wanted to thank you for the amazing delivery service.
The delivery team kept us up on delivery times and gave us a very accurate window. They arrived promptly, asked if we needed extra assistance. Great customer service and care. Thank you again”
Kirsten G.Order #XXXXXX1690
“Good afternoon, The two gentlemen who just delivered my couches did a great job.
They were quick and efficient. Their work is greatly appreciated. Thank you.”
Julio A.Order #XXXXXX6572
“How was our delivery? – A most excellent product delivery and setup by drivers Joe Gooding and Ulisis Tejada! The drop-off was on-time and well coordinated, with a 45-minute phone given before arrival at our home. The deliverers were very efficient and meticulous during setup and cleanup. The whole process exceeded our expectations and we were very pleased with all aspects.”
Thomas H.Order #XXXXXX5909
“Yes, I would like to thank all parties involved in this process of turning the situation around and following through. This driver team was as well a great set of gentlemen.”
Roosevelt C.Order #XXXXXX5292
“Just received my item. Was smooth. Antonio was a pleasure. Friendly and professional. 10/10. Thank you and stay safe. One love. Happy holidays.”
Derek M.Order #XXXXXX6342
“I’m writing to pass along a compliment for the performance of Mr. Wilbed Lopez and his partner today. They called ahead as promised, showed up on time and placed the freeze as I requested. I found Mr. Lopez to be a good communicator and he also gave me instructions on the operations of the freezer. This is more than I received when we actually bought the freezer! Thank you to Mr. Lopez and his associate for great service today!”
Ellen I.Order #XXXXXX5330
“Delivery personnel were excellent and courteous! Thanks for the awesome service”
Mike S.Order #XXXXXX8913
“Package received. Compliments to the delivery team. Communications we’re as advertised – timely, informative and clear. Thank you for a job well done!”
Robert L.Order #XXXXXX5573
“Great delivery process! The guys from Island Deliveries advised time and showed up on time. Good, professional job. Really a quick delivery.  Also, the tracking and appointment scheduling process was expedient. Lots of communication through email/text/calls, almost to a point of too much – but that’s better than not enough.”
Steve B.Order #XXXXXX4580
“Thank you for getting my television delivered safe and sound !!! It’s absolutely perfect !!!!”
Michelle K.Order #XXXXXX9979
“Delivery service was efficient, courteous and most of all on time. They worked like a well oiled machine”
Victoria B.Order #XXXXXX0560
“The delivery men showed up early and did a fine job.”
Linda R.Order #XXXXXX2605
“Hello, I just want to say that the delivery men were communicative on arrival, courteous and great to handle the delivery of the fridge and taking the old one.”
Alfonso M.Order #XXXXXX7897
“Greetings, Just want to let you know that the young men that came to deliver the refrigerator are an excellent representative of your company. They provided an outstanding service, knowledgeable, patient and very professional. Fast and efficient movers, they installed and removed the old refrigerator so quickly, these guys were terrific! My wife and I are very pleased with our experience with FragilePAK, thank you.”
Gus B.Order #XXXXXX3061
“The two Gentlemen that came to deliver were just the best. Much appreciated….”
Michael P.Order #XXXXXX8263
“Thanks for the great customer service and professionalism I received from the drivers on Dec 1, 2021. Please pass kudos to these gentlemen for a job well done.”
Dan M.Order #XXXXXX4313
“Excellent service, courteous and friendly staff. Thank you”
Lee K.Order #XXXXXX8112
“Just wanted to let you know the guys that delivered were awesome!”
Magen G.Order #XXXXXX4071
“The 2 men that delivered my refrigerator were professional and did a great job. That even went a bit above.”
Ronald M.Order #XXXXXX0079
I want to thank you all for swiftly addressing my concerns and handling the situation with professionalism. One small suggestion if you would indulge me. You may want to see if your technical division could trigger an alert for items that “may be late/lost. Your computer system should be able to generate a relatively short list (I hope). Have a live person call the destination and explain that “you are looking into it and will resolve it as soon as possible”. I am sure people would respond positively and thankfully to an improved level of service. Thank you again and have a great holiday season, Tim S
Tim S.Order #XXXXXX0932
Hi Cathy & Kaitlyn-
I wanted to send a quick note of appreciation for the work the companies put together to make this delivery happen today. I’m happy to report the bed is here and set up. Please feel free to forward this information to anyone within your companies that had an eye on this. You both did an excellent job finding a solution.  James- thank you for the call and conversation yesterday.  I’d lastly like to recognize the gentlemen that made the delivery and set up today. Absolutely incredible service from the moment they got out of the truck. Please, please make sure whoever they work for knows that they were beyond expectations. Thank you again. I hope you all have an excellent holiday season. Best Regards, Tyler F.
Tyler F.Order #XXXXXX3324
Dear Sir, Ma’am, I wanted to give feedback on my delivery today by Jimmy and Dwain. They were both so professional, helpful, and genuinely provided amazing customer service today. I got a call about 40 minutes prior to my delivery which was perfect to allow me to prepare for the washer and dryer to come in. Once they arrived they immediately greeted me with a smile and ready to go for the install. They were quick, efficient, and knowledgeable. I really appreciate they time they took to set me up and the amazing customer service they provided. Please tell Jimmy and Dwain I am so appreciative and genuinely loved the customer service they provided. Amazing job, full star rating if I could give it.
Vanessa B.Order #XXXXXX5388
“So very professional. Thank you very much for another great shipping experience.”
Damon N.Order #XXXXXX5294
Thank you for my delivery on Oct. 20th Drivers Name  Juan Bernardino,  and  Adrian Muniz,  the Drivers were  prompt and courteous very Professional got the delivery done with know problem.. I would love having them to delivery any product for me..!!! Thanks again for your service, have a safe day..!!!
Rubye T.Order #XXXXXX2578
“Your team arrived about 1200 PM and finished installation in less that 30 minutes.  They very professional.  I would be very happy to use FragilePak for further deliveries.”
Nathan F.Order #XXXXXX4925
“To whom it may it concern: Today i had a freezer delivered to my home at [address removed].  Unfortunately i had to work and my mother in law was able to come to my house and wait for the freezer. She called me to tell me how great the two men that delivered the freezer were.  She said they were so patient and took their time and made sure the freezer was working. Their names were Celso & Jacinto. Could you please pass along my thanks to both of them.”
Robert R.Order #XXXXXX4673
“Your 2 drivers were outstanding!!! You should give them a raise. They were very thoughtful, skilled, repectful of our home and very nice people. We have had other delivery people at our new home, Eric and his coworker were the best!!!!”
Gregory B.Order #XXXXXX4619
“Hello, Delivery was awesome. Kind and polite and they bought item down our ridiculous long driveway. Those guys deserve a bonus. Thank you so much. Have a great day”
Lori B.Order #XXXXXX6042
“Delivery was professional. The two gentlemen who brought my package were helpful and friendly. Not opened yet but will check for damage and let you know if any. Thank you”
Sandra S.Order #XXXXXX1646
“Delivery was on time and professional! Thank you very much, greatly appreciated!”
Tamara N.Order #XXXXXX7706
“The shipment arrived today as scheduled. The driver called before the delivery. There were no issues.”
Robert C.Order #XXXXXX4789
“Service was exceptional. Delivered on time, called & emailed prior, friendly and most importantly item was in excellent condition. I appreciate the patience filling out the questions due to visual impairment. Thank you very much for your service. — Be blessed”
Angel I.Order #XXXXXX4234
“The delivery went very well. The movers were very friendly, helpful and courteous.”
Cassie S.Order #XXXXXX3321
“Drivers were very polite and helpful.  Pleasant delivery”
Mary L.Order #XXXXXX0365
“Hi! Your delivery was so easy and simple. Your driver was so nice! Thank you!”
Colleen G.Order #XXXXXX3529
“The 2 delivery men did a great job  They were professional and were careful with our furniture.  I was very pleased.”
Lois L.Order #XXXXXX4453
The delivery of my new Cruiser SUP paddle board was within my expected delivery window this afternoon and professional in every way. The driver was extremely professional and courteous, and despite my relatively long driveway, did an excellent job driving the delivery truck and offloading this very bulky package to our garage! I really appreciated this, especially during the current times when delivery personnel are at such a shortage.  I would also like to provide positive feedback on the communications I received from your company via email or phone in advance of this delivery. Everything was perfect and very much appreciated! For certain, we also really appreciated the details of the delivery service to be provided, which allowed us to be prepared for today’s delivery.  Between the vendor and yourselves, I could not have wished for a more perfect experience….especially since this delivery was a birthday present to myself —- with my birthday being today.  My very best, Sue
Susan L.Order #XXXXXX1101
“The delivery was awesome. Thank you so much!”
Angie E.Order #XXXXXX6682
“The team did a great job letting me know when they would be arriving and the delivery was great. The team was able to place the TV in my lower level family room so it saved me a great deal of effort to have to move it from the garage to the lower level – they were able to take it to the back of the house and avoid needing to use steps or come through the upper level. The whole process was completed in less than 10 minutes and I would use them again.”
Dan S.Order #XXXXXX9645
“Thank you for getting my dishwasher here being the only thing that the driver had to bring this far.  The driver was very nice, he was very helpful and curtious Thank u again”
Joanne L.Order #XXXXXX9950
“Fabulous service!!! Thank you for making my day less stressful. Your guys were patient while helping me to inspect the dishwasher for any damage. The did an Awesome job and we’re very professional.”
Grace R.Order #XXXXXX0568
“The delivery was on time and the delivery person was very courteous and efficient. Very happy”
Aaron P.Order #XXXXXX6427
“Leon and Chris delivered my Order 263U241296 today. They did an OUTSTANDING job. Both were very professional and friendly.”
Luis R.Order #XXXXXX1296
“Excellent service. Very friendly and helpful guys. One of them delivered to me three years ago and we had a great interaction at that time as well. They work well as a team and were respectful of my property. Many thanks”
Lydia G.Order #XXXXXX2873
“The delivery crew just left. They did a really great job and we are so happy with the item we purchased.”
Dan G.Order #XXXXXX1008
“Awesome nice service and furniture was in perfect condition! Thank you!!”
Jessica M.Order #XXXXXX0037
“Everything went well.Thank you.The delivery men were very pleasant.”
Nancy S.Order #XXXXXX2839
Yes the recliner was delivered. The gentlemen that delivered it here were very nice and accommodating. They came in and showed us what had to be done and helped us. They were absolutely wonderful!  They moved the pieces 20 feet to the garage for us and brought in the new one in the same two pieces. They put it together and tightened the holding screws and it was done. They knew we were handicapped and helped us without hesitation. We thanked them over and over again. Wonderful gentlemen! Thank you for asking. We were very pleased. Especially, for them to have to deal with the heat wave besides!
Nancy T.Order #XXXXXX1726
“I couldn’t have asked for better movers!! They were quick, polite and gave me the optimal white glove experience with my dresser. I highly recommend your company.
Randi R.Order #XXXXXX9330
We received our delivery yesterday. I received numerous emails and texts regarding our delivery beforehand. The delivery window was between 2:00PM – 6:00PM. At 12:30, I received a text saying they would be there in 20 minutes!  The drivers were very professional and took great care to get the sofas through the front door (not an easy task – a tight turn with the upstairs staircase right there). They set up the furniture where we requested and cleaned up all the packaging in just a short amount of time.  Thank you!
Linda J.Order #XXXXXX2465
“I just received the paddle board and paddle at 12:20 PM.  It looks great and just in time for the weekend heat wave. The delivery person was very professional. I appreciate everyone’s efforts to find a way to get it here today. Thank you all for delivering sooner rather than later. Best regards”
Doug B.Order #XXXXXX5193
“My package was delivered today. The 2 gentlemen who provided the white glove service went above and beyond to ensure that my items were not damaged and properly assembled. Thank you all to everyone who has been responsive to this point.”
Darol L.Order #XXXXXX4184
“Mr Ritch, I received my delivery today. Carl W went far and above today and worked it out for them to bring my delivery back today and my tables were delivered and assembled without any incident. I do greatly appreciate your quick response and attention whenever I contacted you. And Mr W was very pleasant and professional in every way!! You have a great employee there! Thank you so much again. Kendra G.”
Kendra G.Direct Email with CEO
“Delivery went very well and was damage free.”
Linda D.Order #XXXXXX4211
“Good shipment. Item looks good. And delivery guys were courteous and helpful”
James M.Order #XXXXXX6789
“Just wanted to let you know that all was good with my order today. The guys were efficient and courteous and the furniture was delivered in good condition. Thanks”
Ronald L.Order #XXXXXX8066
“Thank you for the superior service from the two men who delivered our cabinet. They not only carried it inside but also placed it exactly where we asked and then even lifted it for us to put pads on the feet. They were polite, friendly, and professional. Most importantly they displayed a positive attitude and asked if there was anything more they could do. We would welcome them to deliver to us again!!”
Rebecca M.Order #XXXXXX9859
“Thank you for sending professional hardworking men. It was a great experience.”
G. G.Order #XXXXXX6769
“The guys did a great job. Very punctual, courteous and helpful. Five Stars.”
Richard C.Order #XXXXXX9245
“Thanks for delivering the sofa loveseat and recliner and excellent shape with no damage a special thanks to the gentleman that delivered it and set it up he was awesome.”
Jim N.Order #XXXXXX4574
“Excellent delivery team. They called as expected and showed up on time. Kind, professional and pleasant. Thank you for a seamless experience.”
Lish R.Order #XXXXXX3558
“What a great crew. I truly wish I remembered their names. They were courteous, helpful, and were so accommodating. I expected them to come in drop it and leave, but they actually took a look at where I initially wanted to place the wine refrigerator. After much deliberation we all decided it would be WAY too much problems and adjustments to get it into the room. But I so appreciated they went the extra mile to help me make the final decision. When they did set it up, in my secondary choice, it was a perfect delivery. Job WELL DONE guys. Thank you so much.”
Debby G.Order #XXXXXX3911
“Thank you for the delivery! The drivers were very courteous and helpful. They went out of their way to carry the boxes around to the back stoop where I was able to unbox the chairs and carry them up the stairs for assembly! I am a 100% disabled veteran and every little bit of help is always appreciated. Thank you so much for the delivery.”
Leonard H.Order #XXXXXX4928
“Excellent delivery. Right where I needed the smoker to be put together. Made it so easy.”
Gary J.Order #XXXXXX3631
“I was very happy with my delivery today. The delivery crew arrived promptly within the designated delivery window and quickly placed the furniture at the desired locations. The furniture was in excellent condition. They were in and out in less than 12 minutes. Overall, this was a pleasant and uneventful experience.”
Darrick M.Order #XXXXXX0888
“Service was great and product in great condition thanks so much!”
Claire V.Order #XXXXXX1567
“The delivery people arrived on time and completed our delivery … to our satisfaction … quickly. They were friendly and efficient – top marks!”
Pat S.Order #XXXXXX3494
“Delivery was perfect! Communications was outstanding. Driver/installers were friendly and efficient.
Judith K.Order #XXXXXX2390
“Just wanted to say how smoothly everything went with our delivery today and how great the delivery guys were. Really happy with our experience.
James G.Order #XXXXXX1730
“The delivery was here on time. I was even called to let me know, if their arrival time. The men were courteous and professional, and nothing was damaged.
Blake P.Order #XXXXXX5312
“Your employees displayed excellent customer service. The furniture was delivered and put togther damage free.
Gloria B.Order #XXXXXX2126
“Your delivery men did a terrific job today. They texted me before they arrived, quickly unloaded my furniture and set it up in my house, cleaned everything up and were finished very quickly. They were also very courteous and professional throughout their delivery and set up. Thank you very much for such wonderful service.
William W.Order #XXXXXX7026
“The drivers were very professional and efficient. They were also friendly and polite. I would not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone.
Timothy A.Order #XXXXXX1243
“Our delivery people were outstanding. Very professional and friendly. All good”
Kevin M.Order #XXXXXX1096
“The two Gentlemen who delivered the washer and dryer were Outstanding. I very much appreciate them bringing the washer and dryer to the appropriate location.”
Mike B.Order #XXXXXX3870
“Great service great people. Thanks”
John C.Order #XXXXXX9633
“Delivery guys were real pros. Thanks for handling the delivery of my kayak”
David M.Order #XXXXXX1418
“Delivery and installation done professionally thank you.”
Mariane S.Order #XXXXXX6768
“My recent delivery was good, the item was in perfect condition, and the men who assembled it were courteous and did a great job. Thank you”
Nitasia T.Order #XXXXXX1583
“I wanted to commend you on the beautiful sofa and the delivery men. They were very polite and careful when delivering our sofa. I would definitely recommend your service.”
Janet A.Order #XXXXXX0562
“Thank you for the safe delivery of my kitchen island. They were professional and on time with the delivery.”
Calia C.Order #XXXXXX2313
“We were very pleased with how the delivery of our king bed furniture was handled yesterday. The two delivery men were courteous, focused and took care as they handled our delivery and worked to set it up in our home.”
Sharon M.Order #XXXXXX3979
“Excellent service! We were kept up to date on all order confirmations and scheduling of delivery dates and times. The delivery person was very efficient, and courteous! All items were unloaded from the truck and placed in our garage in a timely manner, we were very impressed. Thank you.”
Angie T.Order #XXXXXX6489
“Just wanted to let you know our couch has been delivered – your team did a great job! Thanks again for following up and taking care of this.”
Snigdha M.Order #XXXXXX4005
“The process was easy and convenient. Better was the delivery team. Quick, professional, courteous and very personable.”
Mike D.Order #XXXXXX3454
“Package was received damage free. The gentleman that delivered provided great customer service. Thanks again!”
Ahnjala P.Order #XXXXXX3928
“The gentlemen that delivered my order did an awesome job. They were very courteous and friendly. I am very pleased with this delivery.”
Roy B.Order #XXXXXX0081
“Delivery was fast and friendly service. Friendly, courteous and respectful. Product was delivered with care and undamaged.”
Tasha C.Order #XXXXXX103X
“The wine cooler was delivered within the time slot allotted, the driver and helper were courteous. They were very careful in placing the cooler where I wanted it and explained several features that I needed to be aware of such as mounting the door handle and when to power up the unit.   Job well done.”
Mike K.Order #XXXXXX1056
“This went so smoothly.  Thank you to my driver Lenny.  He was great!”
Jeni C.Order #XXXXXX3392
“The young men who delivered where GREAT. Very professional, polite and helpful.”
Ronda T.Order #XXXXXX5496
“Great delivery. Your delivery people were awesome”
JeffOrder #XXXXXX5146
“Hi 😍the sectional couch arrive perfectly and the delivery people were nice and effective. My husband was out on an errand so they patiently waited for him. Good job😍”
Wendy E.Order #XXXXXX3815
“thank you for the superior delivery. i was given a 2 hour window and my recliner was delivered in perfect condition during that window. the delivery men were extremely nice and pleasant. i was kept informed all through out the delivery. it is the best. jessica and roger”
Roger L.Order #XXXXXX8662
“Fabulous!  They arrived early and were efficient, kind and polite.”
Kim N.Order #XXXXXX6356
“The guys that delivered my order were great! He was able to back in to my narrow driveway without any problem! We’ve had other deliveries who have hit/damaged our hedges and also hit our fence posts. Not this driver! He backed in like a pro! They unloaded the furniture while wearing masks (thank you) and put all the boxes in the area I requested, and they were all in good condition. Plus they were on time! Thank you for a smooth delivery.”
Melissa M.Order #XXXXXX8424
The two men that delivered our products were friendly, on time and very personable. Thank you
Douglas G.Order #XXXXXX4976
I am very satisfied with all of your delivery communication. The Delivery drivers were polite, clean, neat, and well organized. A satisfied customer.
Wayne H.Order #XXXXXX1376
“Order arrived intact and beautifully. Shipment was earlier than expected, which I am grateful for! Delivery drivers were professional, helpful, and kind! Thank you so much!”
Ashley S.Order #XXXXXX0599
“Thank you for your communication and delivery. This was a very smooth transaction and I appreciate the work that went into it. Thank you.”
Allison N.Order #XXXXXX5031
“Thank you fragilepak. I received my furniture damage free and your service was great! I received a call 30mins before the delivery and the guys where quick. I appreciate your services and the promises kept.”
Davey H.Order #XXXXXX1253
“The delivery guys were the BEST, Great Job and thank you.”
Robert M.Order #XXXXXX5944
“Thanks for the early delivery!  Contents were in perfect condition.”
Donovan W.Order #XXXXXX8651