FragilePAK Expands National Cross Dock Network to Meet Demand

The COVID19 Pandemic has impacted consumer behavior of online purchases and delivery. Americans have increased their online oversize purchases more than ever before and, in these times, the importance of eCommerce businesses is dramatically increasing. To meet the surging demand of items like outdoor furniture, playsets, and couches, retail and eCommerce businesses should look into the benefit of a well-run high technology cross-dock delivery network.

New Logo, Same Great Damage Free Service

In celebration of our 3rd year since the founding of FragilePAK, we are proud to introduce our new refined logo. The FragilePak logo reconfirms the commitment to our vision to make FragilePAK the premier nationally branded oversized delivery service. We think the new logo will deliver greater brand recognition with the shipper, the delivery partner and the purchaser of the goods…

Creating a Positive Customer Delivery Experience as Part of Your Brand

As e-commerce retailers continue to place much attention on establishing their brand, a successful delivery experience has become more critical in their branding efforts. A once and often neglected part of the customer experience, a positive customer delivery experience can help increase sales and build long-lasting customer loyalty. Brands must incorporate the delivery experience as a necessary part of their business.

One of the first things a brand can do is…

How Shippers Can Make Their Delivery Provider More Efficient

Over the last decade, E-commerce has grown dramatically in both sales and goods shipped. Retailers are continuing to search for the most efficient delivery system to fit their needs. Working to stand out from their competition, in conjunction with searching for the most efficient delivery provider are enormous challenges and often result in conflict with each other.

This post focuses on how…