FragilePAK Expands National Cross Dock Network to Meet Demand

The COVID19 Pandemic has impacted consumer behavior of online purchases and delivery. Americans have increased their online oversize purchases more than ever before and, in these times, the importance of eCommerce businesses is dramatically increasing. To meet the surging demand of items like outdoor furniture, playsets, and couches, retail and eCommerce businesses should look into the benefit of a well-run high technology cross-dock delivery network.

A cross-dock network system allows for increased organization and faster delivery of orders which reduces the risk of damage, which is highly common during delivery operations. A well run cross-dock system can dramatically improve the quality of service, shorten transit times and most importantly improve the delivery experience.

In addition to having a well-organized cross-dock network, another key component is having a technology solution that allows real-time data and advanced analytics to connect the retailer, delivery driver and the customer from time of order to the time it is delivered to their location. At FragilePAK, we use multiple touchpoints within our delivery system to update delivery times, push notifications to the delivery team and customer for faster and higher delivery success. The use of this technology has allowed FragilePAK to connect all nine cross-dock facilities successfully and assure the lowest damage-free rate in the home delivery industry. We have expanded our Dallas facility and added Two new locations in So. California and Conover, NC, these will decrease transit times and assure a damage-free environment is maintained.

The cross-dock network is a key component in our promise of delivering a positive delivery each and every time is fulfilled. These two cross docks are designed that we maintain our below 1% damage rate guarantee which we know is key to our promise said FragilePAK President Julian Ludlow.

To find out how your company can benefit from our cross-dock network and damage-free delivery, visit today and speak to one of our sales representatives about our services.