What to Look Forward to During FragilePAK’s Connect 2020 Conference in Las Vegas

We’re excited about our upcoming conference Connect 2020 in Las Vegas, NV, this coming November.

Our company has put in an incredible amount of work over the last couple of years into the FragilePak brand, and now is the time to turn the FragilePak brand into the premier oversize damage-free delivery service in the continental United States.

Our focus is to enhance and magnify our efforts in creating a more in-depth, more connected, and positive customer experience while maintaining the highest standards possible in delivering oversize goods nationwide.

Most importantly, we are committed to developing deeper and better connections with our service providers who continue to represent everything we do and believe in when it comes to the name FragilePAK.

During the conference, we will be conducting workshops and sessions and have an outstanding keynote speaker who will be named later to share their story of commitment teamwork and leadership. A cocktail end of conference party will also be hosted at Club Madrid at the Sunset Valley Casino on the last day.

We look forward to sharing footage and pictures from this year’s conference with you. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn to stay up to date with the nation’s premier overweight delivery service.