The Impact of Cross Docking for Better Home Delivery

In logistics and the home delivery business, cross-docking is a practice of unloading materials from an incoming semi-trailer truck directly into outbound trucks with little to no storage between the transfer. Cross-docking is used mostly when demand for a specific item is consistent amongst customers as cross-docking allows for continuous and on-time delivery.

This week, we announced the opening of a new cross-dock facility in Indianapolis. The opening of the FragilePAK cross-docking facility will help bolster operations in the midwest region and provide more timely deliveries to FragilePAK customers.

We are pleased and excited to announce with this opening our deepening commitment to Damage-Free Delivery, FragilePAK CEO Joel Ritch said.

This cross-dock is critical to our national plan and is fully manned by our highly experienced staff and reinforces the culture of delivering positive customer experiences with every delivery.

We want to thank all of our employees and staff in the greater Indianapolis area for contributing to the build and construction of this critical cross-docking station.

Check out pictures of our new Indianapolis facility below.