What Makes a Successful Bulk & Heavy Delivery

The difference between a good bulk & heavy delivery and a great bulk & heavy delivery is the ability to equip your drivers with the tools and training needed to be successful. At FragilePak, we are a big proponent of ensuring that each team and part of our delivery chain works in cohesion for successful bulk & heavy delivery.

A consistent damage free culture and the use of technology are essential to great delivery experiences.

The moment an order is picked up at the manufacturer, the delivery provider must be consistently assisting the delivery flow with order communication. Giving the driver real-time communication flow allows them to be more effective at delivering a quality service.

The Driver Team and Cross-Dock Staff Culture
In today’s e-commerce bulk & heavy delivery world, there are three to four different drivers, and four to six cross dock workers involved in the delivery chain. It is vital with many moving parts and team members that a culture of teamwork and damage-free delivery is created. It can be challenging to implement this at first, but the payoff for consistent positive customer experiences is worth it. Starting a damage free culture begins with assuring the driver’s load is routed and packed with the intent of delivering each package damage-free. Whether it’s the pick-up, the line haul or final mile, the entire chain must be involved in the damage-free brand’s core culture, values, and processes. Technology helps reinforce the brand.

Technology Builds Team
Communicating all delivery information provided by a robust technology platform will increase the building of a team-centric culture throughout the entire chain. Providing your staff with timely information empowers them to make quality damage-free decisions. At FragilePak, we have found that drivers who feel isolated in their work due to lack of accessible communication are not often able to provide the level of quality service that the customer expects. Supporting the drivers through a real-time information flow allows them to create a positive customer experience.

Another way to protect their liability when dealing with damage situation is by creating a system of accountability with technology. Features like app-based picture capture of deliveries being dropped off, concise delivery instructions, and proof of delivery in real time create a stable driver environment for a successful delivery. It is essential that every member of the delivery chain meets the customer’s expectations of professional, timely delivery damage free. This must be a core value of any successful bulk & heavy delivery and requires consistent leadership and investment in technology and their systems.

At FragilePAK, we know what damage-free can do for your business. Ask us how to integrate our culture-driven bulk & heavy service into your e-commerce business at