3 Building Block of Successful Delivery

For any e-commerce retailer looking to build or enhance their delivery arm, these three fundamental building blocks will help you consistently achieve success in your delivery efforts.

Here at FragilePak, we consider these blocks critical to making a positive customer experience.

Here are the three building blocks of successful delivery.

A significant factor with any delivery process is speed and punctuality. Incorporating practices that will help shorten delivery time will give you an advantage over your competitors. One primary method that we implement at FragilePak is communicating with the customer with timely updates. We believe that by providing the customer with personalized delivery windows and 30 minutes arrival notification from our drivers to the customer helps create a memorable experience.

While creating immense value with a timely delivery process, it is essential to implement and develop a culture of customer service. At FragilePak, we demand that all personnel in the delivery chain focus on the customer and their satisfaction. This includes making sure that each package is delivered damage free and handled with the utmost care. It is also important to remember that part of integrating a standard of high quality is not only involved with customer facing services but also includes treating your drivers and providers of your core services with quality service such as competitive wages, prices, and being accountable with your deliverables.

The third and final piece in building a successful delivery process is not being blinded by the cheapest delivery cost. Often, damages can be 5-7% of your delivery costs and one way to lower damage cost is by hiring quality drivers and providers. Though it may seem like an additional cost to pay more for a higher level of quality drivers and providers, the price will not be a significant factor when reduced damages are included in your delivery cost.

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