Creating a Positive Customer Delivery Experience as Part of Your Brand

As e-commerce retailers continue to place much attention on establishing their brand, a successful delivery experience has become more critical in their branding efforts. A once and often neglected part of the customer experience, a positive customer delivery experience can help increase sales and build long-lasting customer loyalty. Brands must incorporate the delivery experience as a necessary part of their business.

One of the first things a brand can do is start with clear and real-time communications with the customer. This establishes the impression with the customer that the retailer cares and values the customer’s business; therefore a solid foundation with the customer is created. Providing the customer with a delivery window selection at their purchase, on-going updates of transit times and live customer calls within the final 24 hour delivery period also assures the delivery will not impose on the customer’s time.

Next, your delivery provider has to have a national delivery provider system that meets the standards of the retailer’s brand. The delivery agents are the locally owned linch-pins in the brand delivery system. They are an extension of your brand and having a courteous and professionally trained delivery team is key to creating a comfortable customer experience. The delivery team needs to understand that they are entering the sanctity of the customers home. Presenting a courteous and respectful approach to the customer home will produce a delighted customer. The team should also have a presentable uniform, adequate identification and the necessary protective materials that all add to the customer’s comfortability.

Offering a customer satisfaction survey adds to the overall inclusivity of the delivery experience. At this point, the customer confirms their satisfaction and above all the shipment is damage free. No matter how polite the driver team is, or how well they have communicated, delivering damaged goods ruins customer satisfaction when receiving their merchandise as purchased. To ensure damage-free delivery, many providers use a technology platform or technology tools like the FragilePAK eDemand App where the customer survey results are immediately transmitted back to the shipper.

The continual process of improvement utilizing FragilePAK technology encourages feedback that can improve your customer’s delivery experience into consistent repurchases and a favorable impression of the retailers’ brand. The selection of a brand-oriented oversize delivery provider is critical to completing the customer satisfaction circle including a customer-focused technology platform referred to often as an order to door technology. These key customer relationship builders should be integrated into your delivery providers technology platform to help create a better customer delivery experience.

Finally, in order to create a better customer delivery experience, all returns or concealed damage should be handled the same way as an inbound delivery. You must treat the returns with the same level of care and attention to detail as you would when delivering the customer’s purchase.

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