3 Building Block of Successful Delivery

For any e-commerce retailer looking to build or enhance their delivery arm, these three fundamental building blocks will help you consistently achieve success in your delivery efforts. Here at FragilePak, we consider these blocks critical to making a positive customer experience.

Here are the three building blocks of successful delivery.

3 Takeaways from the Philadelphia Home Delivery World Conference

Our team just returned from the Home Delivery World Conference in Philadelphia, and their enthusiasm for the opportunities in the Home Delivery Industry couldn’t be higher. Not only did our CEO Joel Ritch have an outstanding session on providing a positive customer experience through customer focused delivery standards, but many came up to our booth asking how to incorporate damage-free shipping and customer…

Creating a Positive Customer Delivery Experience as Part of Your Brand

As e-commerce retailers continue to place much attention on establishing their brand, a successful delivery experience has become more critical in their branding efforts. A once and often neglected part of the customer experience, a positive customer delivery experience can help increase sales and build long-lasting customer loyalty. Brands must incorporate the delivery experience as a necessary part of their business.

One of the first things a brand can do is…