How Shippers Can Make Their Delivery Provider More Efficient

Over the last decade, E-commerce has grown dramatically in both sales and goods shipped. Retailers are continuing to search for the most efficient delivery system to fit their needs. Working to stand out from their competition, in conjunction with searching for the most efficient delivery provider are enormous challenges and often result in conflict with each other.

This post focuses on how retailers have the opportunity to use their delivery system not as a cost center but rather to view it as an extension of their brand.

To obtain quality communication between the retailer, the customer and the delivery provider, it’s critical to have a successful e-commerce delivery component in creating a positive delivery experience.

First, the delivery company needs to communicate with the retailers about what they need to know to perform at a high level. Many of the delivery companies in the oversize delivery segment are trucking companies whose heritage, culture and infrastructure were designed to deliver freight/skids and industrial products.

This has worked exceptionally well in the dynamic growth of America’s industrial base. But as we all know, delivering to someone’s living room is an entirely different equation. It involves all the links in the delivery chain.

One fascinating aspect of e-commerce is the exploding field of technology developed to enhance the delivery experience.

Designing the right technology requires in-depth expertise in the oversize delivery segment. The software must ask the right questions to facilitate a well-designed system. If the right questions aren’t being asked, the pressure to deliver the last mile gets more difficult than it already is. It is critical the last mile provider knows all the details for successful customer experience.

We all have heard anecdotal stories of customers receiving a damaged delivery, or the wrong item and just abandoned the system and ultimately purchased from a local retailer rather than online. All stakeholders in the e-commerce chain need to form a partnership to develop their delivery system with the primary goal of creating a genuinely positive customer delivery experience.

The oversize delivery market has a very bright future but if the retailer doesn’t include the delivery provider as their brand extension then expecting the customer to return for repeat business is jeopardized. And we all know the best business is repeat business.

Here are some ways shippers can make their delivery provider more efficient.

Focus on Your Merchandise Sold
While some of these seem like common sense, implementing these into your delivery
service will help increase the chances customers will have a positive experience with
you thus coming back to buy more.

1. Provide SKUs with an accurate product description to the delivery provider.

2. Provide all measurements and weights (DIMS) for merchandise sold

3. Adequately package the product for reasonable handling during shipment

4. Label the shipments with buyers’ name, address and ideally contact number

5. Provide an accurate number of pieces and skids.

Create a White Glove Service for Your Customer
Customers today want to feel that everything is personalized for them. Creating a service that feels tailored to the customer’s needs and wants will help create a positive customer experience, and customer loyalty retailers desire.

1. Collect all correct customer contact and address information

2. Verify with the customer of the number to call for any information
regarding their package

3. Communicate realistic transit times to customer to set proper delivery

4. Specify the type of service the delivery company is providing when the door is
unattended, where there is a Threshold Appointment delivery, etc.,

5. Communicate to the delivery provider any special instructions or conditions they
need to be aware of. Let them know if there is a dog, a locked entry to the
building or house, or a yard they will need to navigate.

6. Communicate to the customer any concealed damage and returns

Without a partnership, retailers will increasingly find it challenging to keep up in today’s
competitive business world. Having an efficient delivery provider is vital because a positive customer experience from purchase to delivery is a win-win for everyone.

Retailers have a better chance for repurchase, the delivery company doesn’t have to field complaints, claims or defend itself, and most important, the customer is happy with their experience.