FragilePAK Expands National Cross Dock Network to Meet Demand

The COVID19 Pandemic has impacted consumer behavior of online purchases and delivery. Americans have increased their online oversize purchases more than ever before and, in these times, the importance of eCommerce businesses is dramatically increasing. To meet the surging demand of items like outdoor furniture, playsets, and couches, retail and eCommerce businesses should look into the benefit of a well-run high technology cross-dock delivery network. 

A cross-dock network system allows for increased organization and faster delivery of orders which reduces the risk of damage, which is highly common during delivery operations. A well run cross-dock system can dramatically improve the quality of service, shorten transit times and most importantly improve the delivery experience. 

In addition to having a well-organized cross-dock network, another key component is having a technology solution that allows real-time data and advanced analytics to connect the retailer, delivery driver and the customer from time of order to the time it is delivered to their location. At FragilePAK, we use multiple touchpoints within our delivery system to update delivery times, push notifications to the delivery team and customer for faster and higher delivery success. The use of this technology has allowed FragilePAK to connect all nine cross-dock facilities successfully and assure the lowest damage-free rate in the home delivery industry. We have expanded our Dallas facility and added Two new locations in So. California and Conover, NC, these will decrease transit times and assure a damage-free environment is maintained. 

” The cross-dock network is a key component in our promise of delivering a positive delivery each and every time is fulfilled. These two cross docks are designed that we maintain our below 1% damage rate guarantee which we know is key to our promise.” said FragilePAK President Julian Ludlow.

To find out how your company can benefit from our cross-dock network and damage-free delivery, visit today and speak to one of our sales representatives about our services. 

What to Look Forward to During FragilePAK’s Connect 2020 Conference in Las Vegas

We’re excited about our upcoming conference Connect 2020 in Las Vegas, NV, this coming November. 

Our company has put in an incredible amount of work over the last couple of years into the FragilePak brand, and now is the time to turn the FragilePak brand into the premier oversize damage-free delivery service in the continental United States. 

Our focus is to enhance and magnify our efforts in creating a more in-depth, more connected, and positive customer experience while maintaining the highest standards possible in delivering oversize goods nationwide. 

Most importantly, we are committed to developing deeper and better connections with our service providers who continue to represent everything we do and believe in when it comes to the name FragilePAK. 

During the conference, we will be conducting workshops and sessions and have an outstanding keynote speaker who will be named later to share their story of commitment teamwork and leadership. A cocktail end of conference party will also be hosted at Club Madrid at the Sunset Valley Casino on the last day. 

We look forward to sharing footage and pictures from this year’s conference with you. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn to stay up to date with the nation’s premier overweight delivery service. 

The Impact of Cross Docking for Better Home Delivery

In logistics and the home delivery business, cross-docking is a practice of unloading materials from an incoming semi-trailer truck directly into outbound trucks with little to no storage between the transfer. Cross-docking is used mostly when demand for a specific item is consistent amongst customers as cross-docking allows for continuous and on-time delivery. 

This week, we announced the opening of a new cross-dock facility in Indianapolis. The opening of the FragilePAK cross-docking facility will help bolster operations in the midwest region and provide more timely deliveries to FragilePAK customers. 

“We are pleased and excited to announce with this opening our deepening commitment to Damage-Free Delivery,” FragilePAK CEO Joel Ritch said. “This cross-dock is critical to our national plan and is fully manned by our highly experienced staff and reinforces the culture of delivering positive customer experiences with every delivery.

We want to thank all of our employees and staff in the greater Indianapolis area for contributing to the build and construction of this critical cross-docking station. 

Check out pictures of our new Indianapolis facility below. 

What Makes a Successful Bulk & Heavy Delivery

The difference between a good bulk & heavy delivery and a great bulk & heavy delivery is the ability to equip your drivers with the tools and training needed to be successful. At FragilePak, we are a big proponent of ensuring that each team and part of our delivery chain works in cohesion for successful bulk & heavy delivery.

A consistent damage free culture and the use of technology are essential to great delivery experiences. The moment an order is picked up at the manufacturer, the delivery provider must be consistently assisting the delivery flow with order communication. Giving the driver real-time communication flow allows them to be more effective at delivering a quality service.

The Driver Team and Cross-Dock Staff Culture
In today’s e-commerce bulk & heavy delivery world, there are three to four different drivers, and four to six cross dock workers involved in the delivery chain. It is vital with many moving parts and team members that a culture of teamwork and damage-free delivery is created. It can be challenging to implement this at first, but the payoff for consistent positive customer experiences is worth it. Starting a damage free culture begins with assuring the driver’s load is routed and packed with the intent of delivering each package damage-free. Whether it’s the pick-up, the line haul or final mile, the entire chain must be involved in the damage-free brand’s core culture, values, and processes. Technology helps reinforce the brand.

Technology Builds Team
Communicating all delivery information provided by a robust technology platform will increase the building of a team-centric culture throughout the entire chain. Providing your staff with timely information empowers them to make quality damage-free decisions. At FragilePak, we have found that drivers who feel isolated in their work due to lack of accessible communication are not often able to provide the level of quality service that the customer expects. Supporting the drivers through a real-time information flow allows them to create a positive customer experience.

Another way to protect their liability when dealing with damage situation is by creating a system of accountability with technology. Features like app-based picture capture of deliveries being dropped off, concise delivery instructions, and proof of delivery in real time create a stable driver environment for a successful delivery. It is essential that every member of the delivery chain meets the customer’s expectations of professional, timely delivery damage free. This must be a core value of any successful bulk & heavy delivery and requires consistent leadership and investment in technology and their systems.

At FragilePAK, we know what damage-free can do for your business. Ask us how to integrate our culture-driven bulk & heavy service into your e-commerce business at

The 3 Building Blocks of Successful Delivery

For any e-commerce retailer looking to build or enhance their delivery arm, these three fundamental building blocks will help you consistently achieve success in your delivery efforts. Here at FragilePak, we consider these blocks critical to making a positive customer experience.

Here are the three building blocks of successful delivery.

A significant factor with any delivery process is speed and punctuality. Incorporating practices that will help shorten delivery time will give you an advantage over your competitors. One primary method that we implement at FragilePak is communicating with the customer with timely updates. We believe that by providing the customer with personalized delivery windows and 30 minutes arrival notification from our drivers to the customer helps create a memorable experience.

While creating immense value with a timely delivery process, it is essential to implement and develop a culture of customer service. At FragilePak, we demand that all personnel in the delivery chain focus on the customer and their satisfaction. This includes making sure that each package is delivered damage free and handled with the utmost care. It is also important to remember that part of integrating a standard of high quality is not only involved with customer facing services but also includes treating your drivers and providers of your core services with quality service such as competitive wages, prices, and being accountable with your deliverables.

The third and final piece in building a successful delivery process is not being blinded by the cheapest delivery cost. Often, damages can be 5-7% of your delivery costs and one way to lower damage cost is by hiring quality drivers and providers. Though it may seem like an additional cost to pay more for a higher level of quality drivers and providers, the price will not be a significant factor when reduced damages are included in your delivery cost.

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3 Takeaways from the Philadelphia Home Delivery World Conference

Our team just returned from the Home Delivery World Conference in Philadelphia, and their enthusiasm for the opportunities in the Home Delivery Industry couldn’t be higher. Not only did our CEO Joel Ritch have an outstanding session on providing a positive customer experience through customer focused delivery standards, but many came up to our booth asking how to incorporate damage-free shipping and customer focused standards into their business.

The future looks bright and for those of you who couldn’t make it, here are our three takeaways from the HDWC 2019.

The Future of Shipping
E-commerce outfits are seemingly making a transition to green energy when it comes to their delivery providers. From self-driving electric vehicles to 26 foot straight trucks all powered by non-emissions, online retailers are thinking of new ways to provide better service to their customers while also reducing costs to their bottom line. There was also plenty of discussions centered around the use of technology in tracking packages and timely delivery.

The Amazon Effect
Many of the panel and speaking participants at Home Delivery World brought up the Amazon Effect on e-commerce and e-retailers, which is the impact Amazon has had on the time from customer purchase to receiving their items. While there were talks of progression in the delivery space as we mentioned above, it still looks as those e-commerce outfits are always looking to deliver faster and more efficient than before.

Damage-Free is Building Momentum
Damages can have a negative impact on the consignee and increase the chance of losing business. Most retailers are starting to see the impact damages on goods shipped can have on their bottom line not to mention their entire supply chain. At Fragile Pak, our core foundational focus is on damage-free delivery ensuring a positive customer experience through every interaction. We were thrilled to see that online retailers were intrigued by the damage free movement and are looking forward ways to incorporate that into their delivery arm of their brand.

Find out more about how damage-free delivery can impact your bottom line at

Creating a Positive Customer Delivery Experience as Part of Your Brand

As e-commerce retailers continue to place much attention on establishing their brand, a successful delivery experience has become more critical in their branding efforts. A once and often neglected part of the customer experience, a positive customer delivery experience can help increase sales and build long-lasting customer loyalty. Brands must incorporate the delivery experience as a necessary part of their business.

One of the first things a brand can do is start with clear and real-time communications with the customer. This establishes the impression with the customer that the retailer cares and values the customer’s business; therefore a solid foundation with the customer is created. Providing the customer with a delivery window selection at their purchase, on-going updates of transit times and live customer calls within the final 24 hour delivery period also assures the delivery will not impose on the customer’s time.

Next, your delivery provider has to have a national delivery provider system that meets the standards of the retailer’s brand. The delivery agents are the locally owned linch-pins in the brand delivery system. They are an extension of your brand and having a courteous and professionally trained delivery team is key to creating a comfortable customer experience. The delivery team needs to understand that they are entering the sanctity of the customers home. Presenting a courteous and respectful approach to the customer home will produce a delighted customer. The team should also have a presentable uniform, adequate identification and the necessary protective materials that all add to the customer’s comfortability.

Offering a customer satisfaction survey adds to the overall inclusivity of the delivery experience. At this point, the customer confirms their satisfaction and above all the shipment is damage free. No matter how polite the driver team is, or how well they have communicated, delivering damaged goods ruins customer satisfaction when receiving their merchandise as purchased. To ensure damage-free delivery, many providers use a technology platform or technology tools like the FragilePAK eDemand App where the customer survey results are immediately transmitted back to the shipper.

The continual process of improvement utilizing FragilePAK technology encourages feedback that can improve your customer’s delivery experience into consistent repurchases and a favorable impression of the retailers’ brand. The selection of a brand-oriented oversize delivery provider is critical to completing the customer satisfaction circle including a customer-focused technology platform referred to often as an order to door technology. These key customer relationship builders should be integrated into your delivery providers technology platform to help create a better customer delivery experience.

Finally, in order to create a better customer delivery experience, all returns or concealed damage should be handled the same way as an inbound delivery. You must treat the returns with the same level of care and attention to detail as you would when delivering the customer’s purchase.

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How Shippers Can Make Their Delivery Provider More Efficient

Over the last decade, E-commerce has grown dramatically in both sales and goods shipped. Retailers are continuing to search for the most efficient delivery system to fit their needs. Working to stand out from their competition, in conjunction with searching for the most efficient delivery provider are enormous challenges and often result in conflict with each other.

This post focuses on how retailers have the opportunity to use their delivery system not as a cost center but rather to view it as an extension of their brand.

To obtain quality communication between the retailer, the customer and the delivery provider, it’s critical to have a successful e-commerce delivery component in creating a positive delivery experience.

First, the delivery company needs to communicate with the retailers about what they need to know to perform at a high level. Many of the delivery companies in the oversize delivery segment are trucking companies whose heritage, culture and infrastructure were designed to deliver freight/skids and industrial products.

This has worked exceptionally well in the dynamic growth of America’s industrial base. But as we all know, delivering to someone’s living room is an entirely different equation. It involves all the links in the delivery chain.

One fascinating aspect of e-commerce is the exploding field of technology developed to enhance the delivery experience. Designing the right technology requires in-depth expertise in the oversize delivery segment. The software must ask the right questions to facilitate a well-designed system. If the right questions aren’t being asked, the pressure to deliver the last mile gets more difficult than it already is. It is critical the last mile provider knows all the details for successful customer experience.

We all have heard anecdotal stories of customers receiving a damaged delivery, or the wrong item and just abandoned the system and ultimately purchased from a local retailer rather than online. All stakeholders in the e-commerce chain need to form a partnership to develop their delivery system with the primary goal of creating a genuinely positive customer delivery experience.

The oversize delivery market has a very bright future but if the retailer doesn’t include the delivery provider as their brand extension then expecting the customer to return for repeat business is jeopardized. And we all know the best business is repeat business.

Here are some ways shippers can make their delivery provider more efficient.

Focus on Your Merchandise Sold
While some of these seem like common sense, implementing these into your delivery
service will help increase the chances customers will have a positive experience with
you thus coming back to buy more.

1. Provide SKUs with an accurate product description to the delivery provider.

2. Provide all measurements and weights (DIMS) for merchandise sold

3. Adequately package the product for reasonable handling during shipment

4. Label the shipments with buyers’ name, address and ideally contact number

5. Provide an accurate number of pieces and skids.

Create a White Glove Service for Your Customer
Customers today want to feel that everything is personalized for them. Creating a service that feels tailored to the customer’s needs and wants will help create a positive customer experience, and customer loyalty retailers desire.

1. Collect all correct customer contact and address information

2. Verify with the customer of the number to call for any information
regarding their package

3. Communicate realistic transit times to customer to set proper delivery

4. Specify the type of service the delivery company is providing when the door is
unattended, where there is a Threshold Appointment delivery, etc.,

5. Communicate to the delivery provider any special instructions or conditions they
need to be aware of. Let them know if there is a dog, a locked entry to the
building or house, or a yard they will need to navigate.

6. Communicate to the customer any concealed damage and returns

Without a partnership, retailers will increasingly find it challenging to keep up in today’s
competitive business world. Having an efficient delivery provider is vital because a positive customer experience from purchase to delivery is a win-win for everyone.

Retailers have a better chance for repurchase, the delivery company doesn’t have to field complaints, claims or defend itself, and most important, the customer is happy with their experience.