Great companies give excellent customer service, but how many consider a high-quality delivery experience as part of their brand?

FragilePAK is designed to be an extension of your brand by delivering Damage-Free, timely delivery on your behalf. A positive full cycle experience with your brand assures repeat business for you and a happy customer.

As America’s premier oversize delivery network since 2004, we have provided a robust customer-focused order to door service for specialty and e-commerce retailers. Our customer-focused TAGNET technology tracks all your deliveries to over 42,000 zip codes in 48 states guaranteeing they arrive on time and Damage-Free.


Is Our Guarantee

FragilePAK’s Oversize Nationwide Delivery Network provides damage-free service on each and every delivery.

Our Mission is to deliver every shipment as if it was our own

Whether it’s a living room sofa, an outdoor playset or any other oversize delivery FragilePAK has a guarantee program that provides you and your valuable customers a positive delivery experience each and every time.

Contact a sales representative for a detailed proposal designed to exceed your specific shipping requirements.


Just Getting it There

All your deliveries are handled as if they were our own. Each shipment is barcoded and tracked through our whole delivery chain assuring less handling and misdirection issues, which are the primary cause of damage to customer parcels.

Give your customer a better experience with FragilePAK today.

Our proven “order to door” holistic approach to oversize delivery is all designed to create a positive customer delivery experience. We guarantee your damage rate will be below 1% of your total shipping spend.


Customer Satisfaction

Your customers depend on timely delivery, Damage-Free handling, and professional delivery personnel.

Every FragilePAK delivery is focused on the customer having a positive delivery experience.

FragilePAK’s entire system has been designed to assure that your deliveries arrive in a manner that makes your customers smile.



FragilePAK’s technology platform, TAGNET tracks all shipments from the initial purchase to the POD at delivery. Real time information flow assures your customers of being in the communication “loop”.

Cutting-edge technology is critical to staying competitive in today’s business world.

Our Certified Service Providers are connected in real time to our eDemand Last Mile Technology and give instant access to tracking and delivery time windows. TAGNET is customizable to meet your metric and analytic needs.

Ask us how TAGNET can help you deliver faster and more efficient today.


Last Mile

Our management team started in the local last mile industry over 30 years ago and bring a wealth of knowledge covering local to regional and national delivery networks.

We guarantee you and your customer will have a positive delivery experience each and every time.

Our Operations team consists of highly experienced logistics engineers, call center specialists, and network field managers focused on responding to your customer’s queries and supervising safe delivery on our national network.

  • National Operations Center
  • Current Cross Dock Locations
  • FragilePAK Service Partners


Returns Management

In the current home delivery environment, over 8-10% of all deliveries are returned, and the complexity of satisfying your customer requests becomes more difficult by the day.

Our top of the line returns management program will provide your customer with a quick return process assuring your goods are recovered in a timely fashion.

FragilePAK’s complete full cycle delivery program is designed to maintain a positive responsive experience for your customer and returning to your stocking location an undamaged parcel.


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